Cloudbreak Music’s Studio is located in Kensington, Melbourne Australia and offers services in composing, editing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Cloudbreak Music runs the latest industry software including: Sebelius for live orchestration, Pro Tools 10 for composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering scores and a series of pre-amps and plugins to finesse the music to a commercial product.

Equipment includes:

Pro Tools HD l Pro Tools 003 Hardware l Sebelius music scoring software l Neuman KH120A monitors l Avalon 737 Valve Amp Yamaha Motif ES8 Keyboard l Roland FC-100 Rhodes Microphones 


East West Complete Composers Collection Virtual Instruments (as used by Danny Elfman) l Philharmonic Miroslav Orchestra and Choir Virtual Instruments l WAVES (mixing and mastering software) l Stylus RMX (Real Time Drum Samples) l Spire (dance music synthesiser presets)

Live Instruments:

Yamaha T1 Upright Piano l Guild Acoustic Guitar (USA) Gibson Les Pauls Electric Guitar l Buffet E13 Bb Clarinet l Temby Eb Professional SaxophoneTemby Signature Flute